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Les Portes Laliberté, the proof is in the pudding

To appreciate the history of Laliberté Doors, one must look closely to understand the recipe for success. The key to success at Les Portes Laliberté is a daily record of satisfied customers for over 40 years. No spectacular acts, but a long and smooth path of work well done and promises fulfilled that have ensured the company's growth since day one.

It all started with an idealistic young man attracted by the training offered by the Armed Forces. Eager for adventure, the young Raymond Laliberté had donned the uniform in the hope of seeing some action. But for this energetic young man, the military life of the time was too quiet for his taste and he quickly returned to civilian life.

It was at this time that he touched his first garage doors. Learning his trade by building wood doors, he developed his talent to ensure their installation and proper operation over the long term. Raymond Laliberté always took great pride in extending the useful life of old doors that passed through his hands. Without knowing it, he was promoting sustainable development long before it was fashionable. The company's great reputation for service comes from there.

Still as attracted to adventure as ever, but now with a wealth of experience in a field where demand was growing, Raymond Laliberté founded his company in 1980. The beginnings were modest. An office in the basement of the family home, a shed in the yard used as a parts warehouse and a small pick‑up truck where Raymond stored his tools. Not much more is needed when your heart is in the right place.

There was no lack of work. Those who enjoyed the service of Les Portes Laliberté didn't want to go anywhere else. The days were long and the physical work was intense. In those days, there were no electric tools or aerial lifts to make the work easier. A bit brace, a ladder and a lot of elbow grease were standard to complete the job.

The recipe that Raymond offered appealed to an ever‑growing number of customers, so much so that after 10 years of existence, Les Portes Laliberté already had a small team and a business location of its own. Growth continued to fuel the company and the number of trucks in the company's lot increased in a slow but steady manner.

Raymond's two sons, Daniel and Sylvain, were born surrounded by garage doors. When they were teenagers, they started to contribute to the business. The best thing Raymond taught them was the famous recipe for success at Les Portes Laliberté.

Years later, with all the experience acquired under Raymond's guidance, the time had come for Daniel and Sylvain to stand on their own two feet and for Raymond to enjoy a well‑earned retirement.

It was at this time that a new chapter in the company's history was started on rue Sicard in Mascouche, where the company is still located. The two brothers built a new office-warehouse complex to accommodate their team and give themselves room to grow.

It was a far cry from the office in the family basement. A great team surrounded the two brothers and took meticulous care to respect Raymond's recipe. Many years of success followed. A long, steady stream of small victories, satisfied customers who recommend us and smiles on the lips of the team members.

Our team

Our team of experienced technicians

A team of experienced technicians – for them, no project is too small nor too big.

Our team - Jean Rood

Jean Rood

Sales Representative,,
Commercial, agricultural and industrial customers
Over 10 years of experience

Our team - Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson

Foreman / Dispatcher
Over 35 years of experience

Our team - Cindy Plouffe

Cindy Plouffe

Sales Representative,
Residential Customers
Over 15 years of experience

Our team - Sylvain Laliberté

Sylvain Laliberté

Seasoned veteran of the team & Problem Solver Emeritus
Over 40 years of experience

Our team - Mario Beauchemin

Mario Beauchemin

Sales Representative,
Residential customers
Over 20 years of experience

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