Our customer reception area

Choosing a garage door is not what it used to be. In the early 2000s, putting 3 or 4 garage doors on display would cover 90% of the models offered.

Today, the possibilities are almost endless and the vast choice does not allow us to offer all the full‑size models available in the showroom.

You can now choose your garage door much like you would choose the draperies for your new home interior. We show you samples of the materials to assess the textures and colours. We offer you the different models to choose the one that best suits your home. We give you the choice of the style and size of the windows to perfectly complement your house.

Fortunately, new technology has made your choice easier. With the Design Center, it is possible, starting from a photo of your house, to juxtapose your future garage door onto it and evaluate the final effect.

Our residential sales representatives Nancy and Mario

Our residential sales representatives will come to your home or, if you prefer, they can welcome you in our reception room at 1447 Rue Nationale, Suite B in Terrebonne. Cindy and Mario are not new to the business. Take advantage of their experience and the sound advice they can give you when it comes time to make your choice.

You will quickly understand how meeting with a specialist can make your choice significantly easier. Often the alternatives offered will charm you as much by their originality as by the perfect fit with your house.

Technology also adds another benefit to the process of choosing a garage door. You don't have to visit our showroom to take advantage of it. Our consultants can come to your home and offer you the same valuable advice and viewing tools. The only compromise...the screens will be smaller!

We look forward to seeing you either in our reception area or at your home.

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